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Comprehensive beauty and entertainment reincarnation reality show-

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"Let me see." Laura opened her envelope, and the moment she saw the letter, her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh! It's bleached to make platinum hair and eyebrows! Laura could not help crying out, and the girls looked at her with envy, secretly jealous. Laura got an absolutely good draw, and it was totally worth screaming about. Great Nastasia said enviously, then looked at the dark-haired girl on her other side. "Destiny, what about you?"? What is the transformation plan you got? Nastasia didn't dare to open her envelope. She was afraid to see the transformation she couldn't accept, so she asked others first so that she could have a bottom in her heart. "Mine is." Destiny slowly read the letter in cursive. "Long at the front, shave at the back." Her voice became lower and her expression became more and more depressed. It was obviously not the transformation plan she wanted. Destiny, like Maria and Victoria, is very reluctant to cut her hair short. Now, she has chosen to accept the transformation plan, if she goes back on her word, the end will be worse than Maria and Victoria who refused at the beginning! Thinking of this, Destiny did not dare to protest anything to the program group, and could only secretly regret it in her heart. Haley, what about you? Kate had looked at her plan to perm her long straight brown hair into big wavy curls. Kate thought about it and thought it should not be bad. She was relieved and turned to her good friend. I got short hair. Ellie looked at her transformation plan and sighed. She thought it was dyed, but it turned out to be cut short. Could it be that the program group didn't think highly of her at all,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, so they gave her such a difficult hairstyle? However, short hair is not without a chance to win, in previous competitions, there are also girls with short hair to win the championship, although very few. Short hair?! Kate could not help frowning, hurried to Ellie's side, read out the specific transformation plan on the letter paper,Sex Enhancement Powder, "bangs from the front of the forehead to the back of the ear, and cut shoulder-length short hair, the end of the hair should be very smooth, as sharp as a blade." Kate's voice trailed off and she didn't think it was a good sign. It's not that Kate really thinks this look is ugly, on the contrary, it's chic enough just to think about it. However, while unique, it also means that it is difficult to control. This is definitely a big problem. She's a little worried about Ellie. Don't think so much. Ellie had already got over it and began to comfort Kate on her own initiative. Since there is a girl who can win the championship with short hair, she must be able to do the same! What's more, even if no girl with short hair has done it, it doesn't mean she can't do it! Don't forget, she has the title of "unprecedented" reincarnation! Since she can make history for the first time, she can certainly make history for the second time! She will never lose to a hairstyle! "Well, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory," Kate bit her lip, still feeling sorry for Ellie. She didn't know why the show was making things difficult for Ellie. This is so unfair! All the girls who did worse than Hailey got such great haircuts! Kate thought resentfully. At this point, if the producer of the show appeared in front of her, it was hard to say whether she would jump on it and take two bites. "All right, girls, get to work." Looking at the girls who were either satisfied or disappointed with their transformation plan, Johnny laughed and said, "By the way, Maria and Victoria stay and let's talk about it." Is it to do ideological work? Trying to convince them to get a makeover? Maria and Victoria couldn't help looking at each other, and each of them became nervous. However, Maria is much more determined than Victoria, who is still hesitant. In her mind, since the program group gave her a "choice" at the beginning, she should not be blamed for her choice of "refusal". Otherwise, isn't this so-called choice just a decoration? So why give a choice in the first place? The Harvard girl used her logic to understand the previous conversation, and when she was sure that she had done nothing wrong, the expression on her face became more and more firm, or stubborn. Ellie was taken to the hairdresser's chair and sat down. Next to her was Destiny. Maybe they both want to have short hair, so they are arranged together? Ellie surmised.
However, whether the person next to her is Destiny or Britney has no effect on her at all. Anyway, she just has to listen to her stylist. Noting that Ellie was sitting down next to her, Destiny's brow furrowed slightly. She and Ellie were a little tired of each other. The girl who grew up hungry and was kicked out of the house by irresponsible parents in adolescence sounds like Rob's experience, doesn't it? She is a little cynical, and her personality is infected with some social shrewdness and unknowing rudeness. It is not too much to say that she is jealous of Ellie and other serious college girls from good families. She thinks that these girls are all delicate flowers in the greenhouse, who have not experienced any wind and rain, nor understand the cruelty of society, and are doomed to be eliminated by this society and this competition. That's why Destiny provoked Ellie earlier. She didn't want to see the girl who was better than her in everything even beat her in the competition. Similarly, the family has no money, why can she go to college, but she can only go to hairdressing school? The world is so unfair! Some people are born with everything, and have more and more, while others have nothing, and get it and keep taking it away! It's a hard-won opportunity for her to take part in America's Next Top Model, and she doesn't want to give up the championship to anyone! And Ellie doesn't understand Destiny's complex psychology. In Ellie's view, the power of the individual is indeed weak, and it is difficult to use it to change society or change the world. Not everyone is Jobs who changes the world, but if it is used to change their own destiny, it is too easy. Just like the "setting" she prepared for this competition, if she can't afford to go to college and is eager to go to college, the easiest way here is to join the army. It's hard to join the army, and it's possible to face danger, but danger is everywhere in this world. Who can guarantee that if you walk well on the road,S Adenosyl Methionine, you will not encounter an unexpected disaster? That being the case, then just let go of your courage and win a future for yourself! At least, that's a bright future in sight. pioneer-biotech.com


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