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Blood drop magic knife

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Li Lingfeng said, "Enmity should be resolved rather than settled. Guo Yu is dead. In this tone, the seven masters should have come out. Guo Yu took all the gains and committed a big taboo in Jianghu. I can't say he was right. But now that you have killed him and then chased his wife, it's too much. Fortunately, you didn't hurt the mother and son. Fortunately, there's nothing in the box worth pursuing endlessly." I'll ask the seven masters to look at my thin face and let it go. If the big masters refuse to give me this face, please come to Li Lingfeng in Jianghu. What do the seven masters think? Ni Ying clasped her fists and said, "Your Excellency is right. My brother can't help but be convinced. The quarrel between the Eight Righteous League and Guo Yu has been written off. I'm leaving." He handed over the crystal and turned to go out. "Thank you, Master Qi," said Li Lingfeng. "Forgive me for not going far." Ni Ying walked out of the door and turned around. She folded her fists again and said, "How dare you! When you come to Dengzhou, please allow your brothers to do their best to be the host." Turning around, he raised his hand and ran first. Pan Gang heaved a sigh of relief, shook his head and said, "I've spent so much time, but I'm not as good as Shendao Li. It seems that in the future, I'll have to learn more from our brother." Li Lingfeng turned around and said, "Brother Pan, this is hurting me." "" Brother, "said Pan Gang with a straight face," this is from the bottom of my heart. Hu Sanyi nodded and said, "I believe it, because that's what I want to say." With tears in her eyes,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the young woman saluted and said, "If it weren't for you, I don't know where I would have died. I dare not thank you for your great kindness. My mother and son will always remember it." Li Lingfeng hurriedly replied, "Mrs. Guo's words are too serious.." Suddenly Hu Sanyi said, "Brother, hold that crystal still." "What's the matter, Brother Hu?" Asked Li Lingfeng in amazement. "Just like before," said Hu Sanyangyang hurriedly,Thyroid Powder Factory, "you can hold that crystal and hold your fist again." Li Lingfeng immediately hugged the crystal again. "Well, that's strange," said Hu Sanyi, slanting his head. He went over and took the crystal from Li Lingfeng's hand. At this time, the sun slanted and a flash of light came in from the outside. He held the crystal and looked at it upside down in the sunlight. "What are you looking at?" Asked Pan Gang. Hu San didn't answer as if he didn't hear. After a while, Pan Gang wanted to ask again. "Hu San is excited suddenly, the eye is staring round, cry:" Here, you look quickly. Pan Gang was the first to come over. He followed Hu San's gaze. He was stunned and shouted, "Why didn't you see it just now?" Guan Juanjuan hurriedly took two steps to come over. She also saw that just under the surface of the crystal, there were sixteen very small inscriptions. They were regular scripts. Each stroke was very neat. She couldn't help reading: "Between the two mountains, in the Gulf Stream, the back of the turtle, the top of the crane. What does this mean?" Li Lingfeng also came over. He looked at it and said, "Brother Hu, put the crystal straight." Now Hu San is holding the crystal, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,L Methylfolate Factory, looking at the sunlight from the edge, Wen Yan immediately turned the front of the crystal, the handwriting is gone, not even a trace, is still the landscape. What's going on here? Why can't you see the words when you look like that? Guan Juanjuan sighed, "The person who made this crystal picture not only has a profound mind, but also has an amazing mind. You should know that when the sun shines on the mirror, the light will be reflected from the mirror to another place. That's what he used. Whoever gets this crystal will never discover the mystery of this crystal if he doesn't look at the edge of the crystal from the side of the sun." Had it not been for Master Hu's accidental glance, we would not have known when we would have discovered the wonder of this crystal. "Only," said Hu San, "what do those sixteen words mean?" "The first two sentences are between two mountains, in the Gulf Stream," said Li Lingfeng. "Not bad," said Hu Er. "Brother Hu," said Li Lingfeng, "look again at the landscape inside." It's a simple landscape with two green peaks and a bay of clear water in the middle.
"Boy," cried Hu San, "isn't this the Gulf Stream between the two mountains?" Pan Gang also saw it. He nodded and said, "Yes, that's right. It's right here." Just listen to Guan Juanjuan said: "The Gulf Stream between the two mountains, but in the Gulf Stream, the back of the turtle, the top of the crane refers to.." Could it mean four places? "No, no," said Hu San. "Miss, think about it. Between the two mountains, in the Gulf Stream. Look at this pair of mountains and rivers. It's clear that in the Gulf Stream between the two mountains, on the back of the turtle, on the top of the crane.. Well, that's not right again. The turtle can be in the water, but how can the crane be in the water? "Why not?" Asked Pan Gang. "Just as long as the water is shallow." Hu San nodded and said, "Yes, who knows how deep the water of the Gulf Stream is? If you just can't have your ankles, can you say that the meaning of these sixteen words is in the Gulf Stream between the two mountains, on the back of the turtle and on the top of the crane? Well, I'm afraid that's what it means." Pan Gang said, "What is in the Gulf Stream between the two mountains, on the back of the tortoise and on the top of the crane?" Hu San was stunned and said, "This.." I don't know. As soon as Guan Juanjuan opened her eyes, she said, "Heaven!"! Don't hide the treasure. Hu San smiled and said, "Treasure? If we hide it, we'll make a fortune. A man is not rich without a windfall, and a horse is not fat without weeds." Pan Gang also smiled, but Hu San smiled and suddenly stopped smiling and said, "That's back. If it weren't for the treasure, what would it be?" Pan Gang waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter whether it's a treasure or not. We don't want to make a fortune. We didn't burn Buddhist incense in our previous lives, and we didn't have that life. Anyway.." Let's assume that there is something in that place. "Where is it?" Asked Hu San. "Between the two mountains, in the Gulf Stream," said Pan Gang,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "the back of the turtle and the top of the crane." "I don't know," said Hu San. "I mean where is the place between the mountains? What are these two mountains? Pan Gang was in a daze and said, "I don't know." 。 pioneer-biotech.com


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