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Super Student of Rebirth

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Ye Baobao turned his head and saw that Chen Yidao had really come to their class, and that Xiao Ao and several of their animal combinations had also come together. What made her feel strange was that Chen Yidao and they were all wearing hats. It seemed that there was no sun in the classroom, right? "Baby, why are they all wearing suits — and hats?" Ye Beibei asked her sister doubtfully that the two sisters liked to get along with each other as babies and never called them sisters. They are all animals, they are different, so of course they are different from us. Wearing a suit and a hat is to play cool. If you don't believe me, you will see that they will play cool later. Ye Baobao explained. If Chen Yidao heard it, he would shout, "Do you think I want to?"! Wear a hat or wear a bald head. As soon as Xiao Ao entered the classroom, he immediately looked around the classroom, and the kind of laziness in the school suddenly disappeared without a trace, waiting for a dignified momentum. When Xiao Ao saw the sisters, Ye Beibei and Ye Baobao, his eyes stayed on Ye Beibei and their sisters, and the corners of his mouth were slightly warped with an evil smile. Xiao Ao turned to Chen Yidao and said to them, "Let's sit over there." He took the lead and trotted in the direction of the Ye Beibei sisters. "Hello, two lovely, beautiful and wise princesses. May I sit here?" Xiao Ao bent down like a gentleman and asked the two Ye Beibei sisters. He thought he was a gentleman now, but his lewd smile betrayed him, and he knew at a glance that he was a man with a human face and a beast's heart. There are people sitting there. If you don't believe me, you can see their books in the drawer. Ye Beibei said kindly. The students of Qiuhai University don't have a fixed seat, so they can sit wherever they want, even if they don't come. If you want to occupy a good position, you just need to take out a few books and throw them into the drawer. Hey,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, hey. It's easy-look at me. Xiao Ao took out all the books in the drawers of the five desks behind the Ye Beibei sisters and put them aside: "Are there any in the drawers?" Xiao Ao asked the Ye Beibei sisters with a lewd smile. In fact, Xiao Ao so gentleman asked Ye Beibei sisters if they would like to let him sit behind them, this is to attract the attention of Ye Beibei sisters, otherwise his virtue, would have sat down without saying a word, which would be as slow as now. You're hogging their seats, and they're going to get you in trouble later in class. Ye Beibei's heart is always so kind, reminding Xiao Ao again. Not afraid, not afraid.. Xiao Ao waved his hand carelessly and said in his heart, "Qiuhai University is run by my brother Lei Jun's family. My eldest brother Chen Yidao is the richest man in China. The mayor of Qiuhai wants to curry favor with him. I'm afraid."? Who am I afraid of? At this time, Chen Yidao and Lei Jun all came over and sat in the seats Xiao Ao had prepared for them. Eldest brother, let me introduce to you, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, they are sisters Huaye Baobao and Ye Beibei, ranking sixth and seventh on the campus beauty list of Qiuhai University. After introducing Chen Yidao, Xiao Ao said to the two Ye Beibei sisters, "I believe you all know my eldest brother, Chen Yidao!"! Don't mention anything else. Lei Jun, who was sitting beside Xiao Ao, heard that Xiao Ao valued sex more than friends. He pinched Xiao Ao's neck with his hands like lightning and said, "I told you to value sex more than friends. I told you to value sex less than friends.." Are you really in our class? Ye Beibei asked Chen Yidao that although her head teacher had said that Chen Yidao was in their class, Chen had never been in their class, so she was still not sure if Chen was in their class. That's right! Is there a problem? Chen Yidao said lightly. After what happened to Long Weiwei, he no longer dares to flirt with girls casually, otherwise it would be terrible to have a few more girls who love him to death. No-no, I-I was just asking. Ye Beibei's appearance seems to be very afraid of Chen Yidao, usually speaking like a machine gun, chirping non-stop, but in front of Chen Yidao, she actually stammered. When Chen Yidao saw Ye Beibei's appearance, he couldn't help saying, "Are you afraid of me?" "No-no!" She said no, but her little face blushed and her liver kept beating. Then why do you stutter when you see me? Chen Yidao asked curiously. I-I don't know.
Then Ye Beibei was so ashamed that he turned around and lay on his desk, ignoring Chen Yidao. She likes Chen Yidao's performance very much, so it can be said that she is a fan of Chen Yidao. Maybe she worships Chen Yindao too much, so she was very excited to get close contact with Chen Yindao for the first time, so she was so excited that she stammered! See the younger sister and Chen Yidao said a few words lying on the desk, a look to know is wronged, then the younger sister is wronged, she when the elder sister of course need to help her sister. Chen Yidao, you bully my sister, apologize to my sister quickly. Ye Baobao said to Chen Yidao Jiao. Ga.. Chen Yidao was speechless. When did he bully her sister? Why don't you know? Ye Baobao saw that Chen Yidao did not answer her, so he said again, "Did you hear that? Apologize." "What apology? I didn't scold her, I didn't hit her, and I didn't make light of her. Even if I wanted to apologize, I couldn't find a reason to apologize. How could I apologize?" Chen Yidao spread out his hands and said helplessly. Seeing that his elder sister had misunderstood Chen Yidao, Ye Beibei quickly straightened up and said with a little embarrassment, "Baby, he didn't bully.". I'm just-I'm just nervous. When Ye Baobao heard her sister's words, she was suddenly enlightened and blurted out: "Yes, so many animals are in front of her. It's obviously impossible not to be afraid." In fact, Chen Yidao is very innocent. It was a helpless move to name the band "Swinging Beast" at the beginning,30ml dropper bottle, because Chen Yidao took such a lascivious name in order to attract the attention of Shangguan Daidi. I didn't expect to leave so many sequelae now. How many sequelae are there? China's richest man is a beast, this joke is not generally big, it can be called an "international joke." 。 penghuangbottle.com


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