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Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu's Second Peerless Tangmen

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Other titles, Douro, have also been rapidly separated on the mountain. The title of Dou Luowei, who is good at the power of space, can make a big show. After the blow just now, he slightly Xu Li, and then Huo Yuhao saw the purple light on the body of the old man about sixty years old, and the black soul ring in the eighth place lit up. He put his hands together in front of his chest and pushed them out slowly. A small purple whirlpool, which looked only ten centimeters in size, flew out quietly. The title of this title Douro is called Broken Star, Broken Star Douro. He is one of the two super Douros with the title of Douro, and his soul power is 95. Wuhun is very strange, the light of broken stars. When he awakened at the age of six, what appeared on his body was a purple light. When this light meets anything, it breaks. The light of the broken star was his own name. Congenital full soul power, special martial soul. Only sixty-six years old this year, the Broken Star Douro has already entered the Super Douro level. It is one of the most powerful titles of Douro in the Xingluo Empire. What he has in the light of the broken star is the power of space, to be exact,Carbon in Pulp, the power of space destruction. Extremely tough. Broken star vortex, small purple vortex flying out, a slight pause in the air. Then, the surrounding air suddenly became violent, the strong purple light seemed to swallow the air, and around the expanding vortex,coltan ore processing, cracks in space began to appear and merge. The soul-guided rays or soul-guided shells flying around seemed to be pulled by an invisible force and flew into the purple vortex. Then it was stirred to pieces, even the explosion could not be done, and the purple vortex seemed to absorb the power of these soul-guided rays and soul-guided shells, constantly expanding outward. With the protection of the broken star vortex. The title Douro acted more calmly, and they quickly separated. With the help of Huo Yuhao's spirit detection sharing, he avoided the threat of death's soul guide and dispersed around. Boom- "near the top of the mountain wall.". There was a violent roar, and a large attack Horcrux built on the mountain was suddenly shaken askew to one side, and it could not be used. This is the role of the giant mallet Douro in beating the cattle from the mountain. And that's not all. Under the guidance of Huo Yuhao's spiritual exploration, the giant mallet Douro swung out, and the top of the mountain kept roaring and exploding. In terms of strength, the giant hammer Douro may not be the strongest of these titles, but at this time in terms of fortification, he is the best. Under the crazy attack of the Sun and Moon Empire Soul Guide Group, small gold wash plant ,Portable gold trommel, the Broken Star Vortex has soon expanded to a diameter of more than 50 meters, and is still expanding outward. Because Huo Yuhao opens the spirit detection, he can clearly feel the huge energy contained in this horrible vortex. He knew that if this thing exploded, it would probably be a storm. Broken Star Douro himself turned around and waved to Huo Yuhao and the Tangmen people, motioning them to approach him. Huo Yuhao, Tang Wutong, the people of Tangmen and the giant hammer Douro immediately came to him, and the other titles of Douro had already been scattered in the darkness. Broken Star Douro hands a circle, palms with the light of broken stars, these lights converge in the air, and then quietly flow into the mountain wall in front of him. The hard rock melted like ice and snow in front of the light of the broken stars. The soft purple halo, with a little starlight, enveloped everyone's body. With a whoosh, he got into the mountain. What a powerful broken star Douro, Huo Yuhao secretly praised in his heart. With the strength of the broken star Douro, I'm afraid if you rush hard, you can also sneak in from a distance and underground. However, because there is no reconnaissance, even if he sneaks in, he can only be blind, and the Sun and Moon Empire must have their own way of underground exploration. That's why the Xingluo Empire has been afraid to act rashly. Nevertheless, Huo Yuhao has great admiration for these Douros from the Xingluo Empire. They are all the details of the Xingluo Empire! The reason why there is no way to take the defensive position of the Sun and Moon Empire is the gap in Horcrux technology. But when it comes to personal strength, the Xingluo Empire is no worse than the Sun and Moon Empire. Even in the face of the Holy Spirit religion, it is not necessarily without the strength to fight. The surroundings have fallen into darkness, and even Huo Yuhao's spiritual exploration has been greatly weakened in the deep rock formations.
But they had already entered the mountains, and the scope of the exploration did not need to be too large. Without the reminder of the broken star Douro, Huo Yuhao had already pointed the direction of the detection to the soul guide of death. Only by destroying the Soul Guide of Death can we solve the greatest threat to the army of the Xingluo Empire. Shortly after they went deep into the mountain, the vortex of broken stars, which had expanded to nearly 100 meters outside, suddenly exploded, and countless purple lights scattered with the powerful characteristics of space fragmentation. Dozens of nearby soul guides, together with their soul guides, were torn to pieces at once. There were a lot of cracks in the surrounding space, which were constantly changing and did not close for a while. Although other soul teachers are attacking with all their strength, trying to disintegrate these space debris, how easy is that? Do not grasp the meaning of space, only by pure strength of the attack, for these cracks in space is no way, can only wait for them to close. And the purpose of the broken star vortex has been achieved, until these space cracks completely disappear,Portable gold trommel, previously released by Huo Yuhao from the undead half plane of more than a dozen titles Douro are Hongfei. A large number of soul teachers fell on the mountain, but their faces were hard to see to the extreme. They don't even know how many enemies there are. When Huo Yuhao was discovered. Everyone thinks that the other side is just a person who has detected here, with strange stealth ability. But then Tang Wutong appeared. One becomes two. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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